Understanding Accreditation

  • As a means for the early childhood educators to learn the accreditation indicators, KCPI developed the online learning contents.
  • The contents for four different types of indicators are currently provided: The Second Indicator (40 children or more), the Second Indicator (39 children or less), the Third Indicator (demo), and the Integrated Indicator.

Online Education Curriculum for Multicultural Childcare

  • The curriculum consists of six courses: Basic Knowledge about Multi-cultures, Infant Development and Teaching Methods for Multicultural Children, Understanding of Multicultural Inclusive Childcare Program, Health, Nutrition and Safety of Children in Multicultural Families, Parental Education and Counseling for Multicultural Families, and Local Community Linkage.

Time-Extended / Part-Time Childcare Service

  • This curriculum consists of the concept of time-extended and part-time childcare services, environment settings and practical operation of programs, young children’s health, nutrition, and safety, and cooperation with parents, etc.

Training Early Childhood Educators on Safe Childcare

  • It consists of ways to understand developmental characteristics of children and learn ways to interaction with individual child and regulate teacher’s own emotions. This allows the educators to learn how to carry-on the daily routines of infants and young children in the childcare center and apply principles of play in their daily routines

Intensive Education for Directors including Document Simplification

  • It consists of knowledge about utilizing and managing simplified document formats, regarding the main matters of childcare system that is revised since 2017, of childcare centers and ways to help the center to practice new standards of financial accounting and special activity expenses