KCPI takes charge of consigned operation of Central Support Center for Childcare throughout the nation. Central Support Center for Childcare improves convenience in childcare through provision of information and consulting on childcare services, enhancement of efficiency in operation of childcare centers through establishment of linkage with day care centers and fulfillment of its roles as a central stronghold institution among support centers for childcare.

Administrative system of Central Support Center for Childcare

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Contents of obligations fulfilled by Central Support Center for Childcare

Details on the Main Projects of Dream Start Support Team -
Support for childcare in daycare centers Education on standard childcare courses, safety and prevention of child abuse, childcare consulting for day care centers, counseling for childcare center faculty, publication of childcare information magazines, operation of childcare contents and operational management on remotely controlled education system and childcare program homepage
Support for home childcare Customized education for parents (Clover parents education, parents education on respect for children’s right), customized childcare service (Development of childcare contents & childcare consulting) and open-minded support for parental participation (Support for operating committee of day care centers and support for operation of parental monitoring teams)
Support for operation of childcare centers Education for enhancement of competence of employees, support for operation of Central Support Center for Childcare, operating support for substitute teachers, evaluation and consulting on Central Support Center for Childcare and operation of integrated homepage and performance management system