What is the part-time educational childcare service?

The part-time educational childcare service enables customers to use childcare service offered by a designated service provider (childcare centers, Central Support Center for Childcare, etc.) by the hour and pay childcare fees according to service time.

Service providers
  • Childcare centers designated as part-time educational childcare service providers, Central Support Center for Childcare, etc.
Service providers -
Basic type Double-income-earner type
Users Infants aged from 6 to 36 months
*Young children (36 months to 5 years old) must try out the part-time service, and decide whether to continue with it.
Subjects Home childcare households that are beneficiaries of childcare allowances Beneficiaries of childcare allowances who are part-timers, families of double-income earners, and/or of helpers in need.
Service hours 40 hours per month 80 hours per month
Childcare fees Per hour cost 4000 won per hour
Subsidized Cost 2000 won per hour 3000 won per hour
Personal Cost 2000 won per hour 1000 won per hour