KCPI cosigned with the Ministry of Health and Welfare to operate Dream Start Support Team for the purpose of healthy growth and development of the children at risk

What is Dream Start Business?

Dream Start project aims to provide children of low income families with integrated customized services in the fields of health, childcare (education) and welfare and help them enhance potential capability so that they can escape from poverty and make a new, fair start in their lives.

Legal Basis

Article 37 of Child Welfare Act (Provision of integrated services to children of low income families)


Children aged 0 to 12 from low income families (priority support given to welfare benefits recipients and near-poverty group), their families and pregnant women

Service Areas

229 cities, towns and counties nationwide

Applying Procedure

After having gone through consultation at home or other places, depending on the degree of seriousness in child’s development, the Dream Start Support Team provides integrated services linked to local resources and conduct the case management such as regular consultation, continuous monitoring, etc.

Service Details

- (Physical/health service) Health checkup and immunization, health care, etc.
- (Cognitive/language service) Basic learning and tutorial supports, etc.
- (Emotional/behavioral service) Social-emotion, psychological behaviors, protection, cultural experiences, etc.
- (Parents and family service) Parental Education, childcare support, etc.
- (Service for pregnant women) Prenatal and postnatal services and more.

Management System of Dream Start

The Ministry of Health and Welfare(Overall Management)->City and Province(Support Management and operation)->Dream Start in City District State(Management)

Details on the Main Projects of Dream Start Support Team

Details on the Main Projects of Dream Start Support Team -
Support for Project Operation Supports for overall-project-management through local community-oriented council and policy meetings
Education and consultation Education and consulting for the enhancement of staff’s competence
Research and evaluation Research the effectiveness of the qualitative improvement the project makes, run a satisfaction survey, and conduct an evaluation on project operation
Public Relations and Sponsorships Promote public relations to increase the public awareness and develop the central sponsorships for effective service network