The Office for Korea Childcare Promotion Institute was newly launched as a legal institution under the Infant Care Act (2019.6.12).

​Infants and young children are our future, leading the coming generation.

​Public child care is a major national policy that supports children’s safe and happy development.

Childcare is a public service which carries the responsibility for all childcare centers to provide child care services with a certain level. Hereby, parents will be able to use public child care service with confidence.

​The Office for Korea Childcare Promotion Institute commits to improve the quality of childcare centers.

We perform support tasks such as service evaluation, qualification management and capacity building childcare teachers and staff.

​We will support childcare centers to be faithful to their roles as national public service providers.

​We will ensure infants and toddlers’ happiness and support their development through developmentally appropriate play in a safe environment.

​We will protect the right of children to be respected, and support the realization of heartfelt childcare.

​Director of The Office for Korea Childcare Promotion Institute
Hee-jung Yoo
Director of Korea Childcare Promotion Institute