What is a Public Childcare Center?

It is one of outstanding private, home, or corporation-based childcare centers that function as a public childcare infrastructure at the level of national and public childcare centers while receiving subsidies from the government for its stable operation and high quality management.
The public center receives the same childcare fees as national and public childcare centers and the early childhood teacher gets the same monthly salary as that of the grade-one teacher of national and public childcare center.

Quality Management of Public Childcare Centers

Service providers -
Professionalism of early childhood educators By enhancing the professionalism and awareness of early childhood educators, KCPI helps the childcare center to improve its self-managing ability in keeping up the quality as a public childcare infrastructure.
Trainings for directors and teachers, and contests
Transparency in Operation KCPI supports the management and operation of systematic financial accounting of national and public childcare centers in order to promote the transparency in its financial accounting
Individual consulting and small-group trainings on financial accounting
Supports for Operation & Management KCPI establishes the quality-management system through consultations following the management criteria which reflect the selection and operation standards of national and public childcare centers. Consulting the process of operation
Other supporting projects aimed to manage the quality of public childcare centers Management of expert infrastructure, provision of specialized information, education for the related-institutions and meetings, development and management of computer system, management of announcements, etc