Meaning of the Logo

The symbol of KCPI embodies the image of people holding hands together. The image portrays the utmost endeavor of KCPI in creating the harmonious early childhood educational childcare culture for the pursuit of happiness in young children, their parents, and early childhood educators. It also shows how everyone cooperates with one another to hopefully advance for the healthy development in young children

  • 한국보육진흥원 심벌마크
  • 한국보육진흥원 심벌마크
  • 한국보육진흥원 심벌마크 최소사용규정 7mm

Colors and Meanings

  • Green(KCPI GREEN)KCPI GREEN : Symbolizes the healthiness and peacefulness of young children in the support of young children
  • Orange(KCPI ORANGE)KCPI ORANGE : Symbolizes the warm love and passion for young children in the support of parents
  • Purple(KCPI PURPLE)KCPI PURPLE : Symbolizes the professionalism and reliability required to practice the proper early childhood educational childcare in the support of early childhood educators